Our Services

We are a customer-driven company. The following survey and inspection types are offered through customer requests:

Random Inspection (according to the % chosen): Content inspections are conducted by referencing terms on the packing list when packing is consistent and homogenous. The items or substance are counted in their boxes. Then we produce a count for the total number of boxes, look for possible visual damage of the product, check specifications outside the boxes, and thoroughly account for any further customer stipulations that have been identified.

Detailed Inspection: As the title implies, this type of inspection verifies 100% of the content, by checking references on each box with the client-produced packing list. In this instance, we pay particular attention to requirements articulated by customers, count the number of boxes, look for any visual damage of the product, and carefully inspect specifications on the outside of the boxes.

Quantity Inspection: This manner of inspection happens when the customer requests us to verify the number of bulk because the product can be totaled by the counting number of boxes. We again survey the boxes for potential visual damage, check for specifications on the outside of the boxes, and gladly handle any special requirements cited by customers.

Weighing Inspection: For this method of inspection, a weight sample is taken with a view to generating a final average weight for the product. This component of the inspection can be achieved in conjunction with random, detailed, and quantity inspections. If requested by the customer, we will conduct a tally control of the cargo that will be shipped.