About IISA

When it comes to cargo inspection and surveying, IISA (International Inspection and Surveyors Agency) is your one-stop solution. We are Canadian-based with a global reach. Buyers and sellers alike can rely on impartial and professional third party inspection services. IISA acts as your eyes and ears before your valuable cargo leaves on its journey.

Our services include: Inspection, verification, visual observation, and measurement of cargo in regards to the type of product, condition of product, quantities, packaging, safety, loading process, and documents accompanying the shipment and their compliance with the laws and regulations of the country of destination. We also offer pre-shipment and post-shipment inspection services for compliance with regulatory, quality, quantity, performance and safety standards, and we offer advisory and consultancy services for all cargo related needs.

Our quality management system enables us to stay abreast of the latest techniques to address risks and opportunities on your behalf. We work to establish relationships with external service providers that deliver on the key elements of quality awareness and compliance. More specifically, it’s vital to ensure that the type and quality of goods stated on the purchase order reflects what’s on the packing list and in the shipment itself. This crucial safeguard saves you large amounts of money and prevents extended delays in the shipping of your essential products and goods. Our thorough approach also means that we inspect your goods once they’ve arrived at your destination, ensuring continuity. At IISA, we take it upon ourselves to act in your interest every step of the way. Our mastery of global travel regimes, in combination with integrity and attention to detail, means your products are good to go.

Certifications and Accreditations:

International Inspection & Surveyors Agency Inc, as a global group, has addressed and focused the compliance with the Quality Management System requirements. The implementation, certification and maintenance of the Quality ManagementSystems in each IISA branch will be in correspondence with the applicable National Regulations and Standards for each office locations.

International Inspection & Surveyors Agency Inc, (Head Office in Canada) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

By obtaining this Certification, International Inspection & Surveyors Agency Inc (Head Office in Canada) has demonstrated its capacity and competencies to offer Cargo Surveying and Inspection Service focused on its customer’s needs.

Our Offices in China (IISA SHENZHEN) has also obtained its Quality Management System Certifications.


The Cargo Surveying and Inspection services offered by IISA SHENZHEN is also registered and accredited by AQISQ Association, (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R of China).

Related Documents:

Certificate of approval, IISA Inc. Head office Canada.

Certificate of Qualification for Institution of Import & Export Commodity, Inspection and Survey, IISA Shenzhen.

Certificate of Approval, GB-T19001-2016-IS0 9001- 2015, IISA Shenzhen.